Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara

Nationality Hungary
Date of Birth February 18th, 1992
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Amirah and Nia Get Their Good Vibes On

Amirah is a stunning, tall, toned, tanned, brunette goddess, who is wearing some sexy lingerie, and some furry handcuffs that have her bound to a post. Nia is a tall, sultry, raven-haired temptress, who is enjoying Amirah’s captive state, as she kisses and caresses her, to get her juices flowing. Fully aroused, Amirah kneels before Nia to hungrily lick her bald honey pot with sluttish avarice. After Nia releases her from the furry pink handcuffs, they sit on a couch, frantically fingering each other's twat, while moaning ecstatically. Then Nia lies back, as Amirah expertly licks her pretty pussy, then adds a vibrating pink dildo to the mix, probing her pussy, as she fingers her clit, making her moan, and cry out in sybaritic exultation. She continues working the dildo into Nia’s greedy cunt, as she crouches in doggie, fingering her clit, to unleash a moaning, yelping, body convulsing orgasm. Then Amirah lies back, as Nia drills the vibrator deep into her pussy, while she licks her clit, making her moan, and squeal in Sapphic jubilation until she too has a massive, screaming, soul-wrenching orgasm. They end, kissing each other, in a warm, tender embrace.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 154