3 Killer Babes Sexually Ravage 2 Hung Studs

Angel Dark, Carly Parker, Natalli DiAngelo

Angel a bewitching, brunette Goddess, and Natali a scintillating, blonde fox, are dancing seductively, on a bar, in a club, when a patron, asks Natali, “how much for a suck”. Appalled at such lurid repartee, Carly a big titted, blonde beauty, pulls out a gun, and blows him away, then orders a white guy, and his black friend, to strip, and dance for them. Aroused by this power play, the girls voraciously suck the guy’s humongous cocks, gluttonously shoving every stoney inch, of their demon cocks, down their throats, with sluttish aplomb. With Carly, then Angel lying on the bar, and Natali crouching on it, in doggie, the studs barbarously pound their titanic tools into them, making the girls moan and cry out, in debauched exultation. Angel’s magic muff, is decorated, with a nostalgic, closely cropped patch of fur. The girls wantonly move, from one ginormous prick to the other, wildly slamming their hungry hooches onto them, in every position imaginable, while kissing, licking, and fingering each other, as the guys barbarically pile drive their demon dicks into them, with savage fury, filling the bar, with a depraved rhapsody, of their moaning and shrieking, in debauched jubilation. For the finale, the guys fire jet streams of jism into their mouths, and all over their faces, for a gloriously, gooey ending.

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